Private Cruise

Croisière privée

Alone on board, in couples or as a group up to 6 persons, I'm offering you the best cruise you can get meeting your expectations. Discovering the listed UNESCO World Heritage sites from a unexpected point of view.

Keep great souvenirs from you Champagne tour, accompanied by a Champagne tasting from a small winemaker of the valley if you book more than an hour and a half and if you'd like, embellished with a picnic.


Cave visit and cruise

Crosière et visite de cave

Want to know more about Champagne? The Bullet will take you around from another point of view, meeting with the winemakers.

Complete your private cruise with a peculiar cave visit. Winemakers from the valley, which I personnaly choose for the quality of their work, will be pleased to tell you all about their products.


Special cruise

Croisière d'exception

Rare and magical moment, embellished by champagne gastronomy and Grandes Cuvées, I'm inviting you to embrasse a unique cruise.

Depending on your wine enthusiastes knowledge, we will set up your dream cruise. Rare and extraordinary Champagnes, untraceable grapes, other alcools from Champagne... everything tailor made.




carte marne


For other destination (Chalons en Champagne, Reims, Château Thierry, Paris), please contact us



The boat


Built in Holland by Mr Eggers, the MaasKruiser (Vintage boat from the Meuse) was designed in 1927 to be agile, convivial and fast. Those boats were popular in the Dutch bourgeoisie from 1920 to 1940. The front deck is raised to host a small living room, a kitchen and restroom. The rear part must be opened and equiped with a canopy.

Thanks to its length/width relation unusual for this time (it should have been much broader) and a wide V bow, its navigation agilty is amazing. The boat is cutting the waves with a great facility. Inheritance from the yard's know how of the time, the steel hull is riveted to a wooden hull fooling.

Unlike the Chris Craft, with a mahogany hull appearing in the Hamptons in the United States at the same time (the famous Riva appearing 30 years later), the focus is set on motors taking very little power, focusing on confort more than pure speed. 

Only a few MaasKruiser are still existing, mainly in Holland. They regularly participate to historical boats get together.







 7 days a week, all year long, from 10am to 10pm

 Cruise route depending on the locks opening hours and navigability.



For 2 persons: 120€/h (per couple)
From 3 to 6 persons: 140€/h (per group)
From one hour and a half,
a bottle of Champagne is offered.

Picnic with local products: 30€/pers

Picnic tailor made and for great occasions,
Oenologist and Grand Cuvée, 5 persons maximum,
Upon request